21st September 2018

Classic Mini Jet Black Restoration

Door Position / Hinge Post

ok finally cut enough away to get to close to putting solid metal back , i have pattern inner wings and hinge panel to use , and hopefully a genuine door step / door post panel to fit , just mocking up door , with new hinges to see how hinge post will weld on […]

Doors , Welding

Start Rot Chopping

ok , after spending a few days thinking if i should just re-shell , i felt it was wrong thing to do ( if not quicker and cheaper option ) so we are going for restoration , so taking small areas , starting at the front , and i will work around car making top […]

Front End , Welding

Jet black is home

ok. After storing the boxes of items. And engine parts delivered to my dad for rebuilding. The mini has made it into the garage    , a few random shots of rust levels, as always , worse to come.


How the jet black arrived

first photos from original auction , as you can see someone helpfully stripped it all down already.  Thanks



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