21st September 2018

Classic Mini Jet Black Restoration

Ok late friday i have finished up the drivers door post , and got some etch primer on inner wing before it all goes rusty again , i still have the drivers door step panel to do , collecting that panel today. i started bolting up the passenger side door with new hinges , found the door shell/hinge panel has massive crack in it , so did a quick weld for now to just strengthen door up. not happy with door gap , seems very tight in door aperture compared to drivers side , maybe i done something wrong on drivers side , maybe minis are not that symmetrical , maybe my doors have been repaired / patent .. who knows ..so just leaving passenger door hinge for now , so i can think , did the usual behind shock mount fix.

Panel collection today , picked up a few over weekend, should have another 4 panels tonight..


IMG_1004 IMG_1001 IMG_1007 IMG_1013 IMG_1021 IMG_1020 IMG_1014 IMG_1028 IMG_1032


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