19th October 2018

Classic Mini Jet Black Restoration

This weekend ( well only sunday ) i spent attacking the drivers floor , first i tried removing the rear pocket as best i could , but then gave up and cut it out ! , it is repairable .. but might look to see how much they are…

I have cut away nearly all the rot now from around the rear subframe mount point , so that will need rebuilding , as well as part of the lower bulkhead at the front before the new floor can go in.

Allot of prep work for this, braced the car up , but is looking good.. just allot of hard work , and this is a major part of the puzzle in progress

as a side note i have created a video as well , not sure if people like :


IMG_1084 IMG_1082 IMG_1079 IMG_1073 IMG_1072 IMG_1077 IMG_1071 IMG_1050

Floor , Welding

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