21st September 2018

Classic Mini Jet Black Restoration

Well … what a weekend , took friday off work , Dad came over to lend a hand , then noticed i had mounted the subframe in the wrong place / subframe had moved during all the cutting of floor i did.

We noticed this once we had test fitted the rear Quarter panel , so stopped that for a while and started cutting out the subframe mounting point I had put in last week.

I then remade the bracket that goes inside the sills , used slightly thicker metal this time as well, and re fitted , then put the inner sill/inner floor strengthener back in , then i was able to plug / spot weld the quarter panel on finally … now i can finish off inside ( rear bin ) and move onto the next part of the car.

IMG_1201 IMG_1199 IMG_1198

Rear End , Welding

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