19th October 2018

Classic Mini Jet Black Restoration

Mini Rear Quarter Panel – Drivers Side

Well … what a weekend , took friday off work , Dad came over to lend a hand , then noticed i had mounted the subframe in the wrong place / subframe had moved during all the cutting of floor i did. We noticed this once we had test fitted the rear Quarter panel , […]

Rear End , Welding

Drivers Floor Pan – Complete ish

Ok , drivers floor pan 95% done , seam welded up the tunnel , then plug welded either end. Also spot welded along door step Started re-building the panels around the rear sub frame mount and rear arch , please check YouTube channel for videos / or videos page.

Floor , Rear End , Welding

Drivers Floor Pan Pt4

ok , finally got the drivers floor tacked in . and looks pretty straight so far ,was worried about distortion / twists etc but tried to make the fit snug without beating things with hammer to much , but i guess i will have to wait till its fully welded before checking. Had a bit […]

Floor , Welding

Drivers Floor Pan Pt2

Ok got floor more trimmed up last night , also repaired bottom edge of bulkhead that wraps under the floor , will clean up and finish welding underside when i roll car over ( well that’s the plan later to finish underside) also started to make the rear heal board ( if that’s its name […]

Floor , Welding

Drivers Floor Pan Pt1

This weekend ( well only sunday ) i spent attacking the drivers floor , first i tried removing the rear pocket as best i could , but then gave up and cut it out ! , it is repairable .. but might look to see how much they are… I have cut away nearly all […]

Floor , Welding

Mini Drivers Door Step

Ok i managed to fit the drivers door step I collected , went on ok , not perfect where i have used a patent hinge post but it should all be covered up and not seen anyway in that area. Also started cutting away rear quarter , I plan on replacing the floor each side […]

Doors , Welding


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