21st September 2018

Classic Mini Jet Black Restoration

Mini Underside Stone chipped

ok , last few weeks i have finished the underside , and ran fuel and brake lines, Fitted rear subframe , and I have now rolled car back over again.

Floor , Welding

Mini Rear Quarter Panel – Drivers Side

Well … what a weekend , took friday off work , Dad came over to lend a hand , then noticed i had mounted the subframe in the wrong place / subframe had moved during all the cutting of floor i did. We noticed this once we had test fitted the rear Quarter panel , […]

Rear End , Welding

Drivers Floor Pan Pt3

Just a hour or so last night , not sure if people want me to do updates as often as possible, or just wait till a big chunk of work has been done , i do like more updates myself when i read builds ..anyway , Trim the repair panel for the rear heal board […]

Floor , Welding

Mini Drivers Door Step

Ok i managed to fit the drivers door step I collected , went on ok , not perfect where i have used a patent hinge post but it should all be covered up and not seen anyway in that area. Also started cutting away rear quarter , I plan on replacing the floor each side […]

Doors , Welding

Classic mini scuttle repair

ok , not technically the scuttle ,, just top dash rail and bulkhead  .. must have rotted where the windscreen rubber joins. not to bad a repair , no one will ever see it , just gets rid of the rust , got a patent scuttle panel , but not happy with fit , so […]


Weekend Work , mini door post

Ok late friday i have finished up the drivers door post , and got some etch primer on inner wing before it all goes rusty again , i still have the drivers door step panel to do , collecting that panel today. i started bolting up the passenger side door with new hinges , found […]



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